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BSc (UWO), HBSc (UWO),
PhD (Laval)

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Education
University of Ottawa

Science Education and
Science Communication
(Ecology, Evolution and
Environmental Science)

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Professeur adjoint

Département de biologie
Faculté des sciences
Faculté de l’Éducation
Université d’Ottawa

Pédagogie scientifique et communication scientifique
(Écologie, Évolution et Sciences


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Panelist at 2016 Trottier Symposium on Science and the Public

Next Monday (October 17th) I will be a panelist at a round table discussion as part of the 2016 Trottier Symposium on Science and the Public, hosted by the McGill Office for Science and Society.  We will be discussing how science is portrayed by the media and given the illustrious assemblage of celebrity scientist and […]

Chat with a Scientist Project

It is clear that science and technology are becoming increasingly important to society and that individual citizens must be able to discern fact from fiction when they are making decisions related to the environment, public or personal health, consumerism or simply acting as informed responsible citizens in a democratic society. However, in the age of […]

Recording Music in the Studio with Arcade Fire’s Richard Parry

Wow, what an exciting day I had today.  I had the pleasure of singing some vocals on a few tracks for an upcoming album from Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre), an old pal who is more like a cousin to me than anything else.  Our dads sang and played together in The Friends […]

Free: Public Communication of Science Webinar

I will be offering a free online webinar this Wednesday evening (7pm EST) on practices for skill development in the public communication of science in collaboration with Evidence for Democracy. It is a free event and open to participants via the following link, please join us!   https://evidencefordemocracy.ca/sites/all/modules/contrib/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=2374&qid=1260401

uOttawa Faculty of Science promo video

There is a neat new promo video that was recently put out to showcase the richness of the student experience in the Faculty of Science at the University of Ottawa.  I make a brief cameo with some butterflies towards the end.  Check it out and enrol yourself in one of the best Science programs there […]

uOttawa Divestment Campaign a Success!

As a member of the University of Ottawa’s committee for sustainable development and one of the founding signatories of the uOttawa fossil-fuel divestment campaign I am thrilled to announce that the Board of Governors voted this week to adopt a position of fossil-fuel divestment for uOttawa.  This courageous but necessary move has positioned uOttawa as […]

New Research Article Published in JoRST

This week we have seen another research article published on my work as a Science Educator at uOttawa.  This study focusses on an innovative and effective method of instruction for the sciences that relies on the teaching of examples in order to learn the rule.  Please have a look at “Exemplification in Science Instruction: Teaching […]

New Article on ‘Knowledge vs. Belief’ for the McGill OSS

I have written another article for the McGill Office for Science and Society on the conflict between ‘knowledge’ and ‘belief’, as well as some implications for society in general.  Please have a look at the article here and let me know what you think!

Associate Member of the McGill Office for Science and Society

I have had the distinguished honour of being invited to join the Office for Science and Society at McGill University as an Associate Member.  This organization, which is guided by the motto “Separating Sense From Nonsense” has the goal of increasing the public’s awareness and understanding of science in society by separating Fact from Fiction.  The […]

My TEDx talk Featured on Netflix show Chelsea Does

My TEDx talk on Ayahuasca from a few years ago has taken on a life of its own among the various alleys, nooks and crannies of the internet.  This week, it went a bit more mainstream when it was featured on an episode of the new Netflix television series Chelsea Does.  In this episode she […]