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BSc (UWO), HBSc (UWO),
PhD (Laval)

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Education
University of Ottawa

Science Education and
Science Communication
(Ecology, Evolution and
Environmental Science)

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Professeur adjoint

Département de biologie
Faculté des sciences
Faculté de l’Éducation
Université d’Ottawa

Pédagogie scientifique et communication scientifique
(Écologie, Évolution et Sciences


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Ottawa Folk Festival: Board of Directors

I have been elected onto the Board of Directors for the Ottawa Folk Festival. This is an exciting time for this international music and dance festival with the recent hiring of a new Festival Director (Dylan Griffith) and General Manager (Ana Miura) and I am thrilled to be a part of it.  The OFF hosts […]

Science Communication

Science is playing an increasingly important role in society and therefore members of the general public will need to make sound political, ethical, technological and economic decisions based at least in part on the integrity of the science behind each scenario. In a democratic society, public opinion plays a major role in decisions made in […]

Off to Peru!

Dr. Brown is heading off to Tarapoto, Peru in March in order to film the next series of segments for the Nature of Things episode.  We will be exploring the Amazonian jungle, attending Ayahuasca ceremonies in traditional Amazonian contexts and documenting the use of the psychaedelic brew in clinics treating people with various types of […]

Nature of Things filming

Dr. Brown will be hosting a Nature of Things episode set to air next fall. In the mean-time we will be filming a special lecture on Friday the 5th of February. Let me know if you are interested in attending and want to see your face on the CBC!

Unfolding article

I have been featured in an article on Scientist/Artist hybrids in Ottawa by the magazine Unfolding: A Journal of the Creative Process (Oct. 2009, Vol. 2, issue 7).  Click here to read the article.