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BSc (UWO), HBSc (UWO),
PhD (Laval)

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Education
University of Ottawa

Science Education and
Science Communication
(Ecology, Evolution and
Environmental Science)

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Professeur adjoint

Département de biologie
Faculté des sciences
Faculté de l’Éducation
Université d’Ottawa

Pédagogie scientifique et communication scientifique
(Écologie, Évolution et Sciences


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CBC television news interview about SciComm in a pandemic

I was asked to speak to the reporters on CBC television news about the role of effective science communication during a pandemic.  You may watch the segment in the video below and please let me know what you think!


2 comments pour CBC television news interview about SciComm in a pandemic

  1. Élise Bankley

    I thought you answered the reporter’s questions very well. The way that the questions were being asked was fairly vague, in that the general public could have turned it around. For example, the reporter mentioned something along the lines of ‘whether or not Dr. Tamm knew what she was talking about” and before you answered the question, you stated “she DID know what she was saying.” and I like how you went about clearing that up the possible misinterpretation that could have raised from the general public with the way this question was asked. I also ike that you used terms like ‘EVIDENCE-based’, again, to reiterate that this is the science that we are talking about and not opinions.

  2. Julie Morris


    I was wondering if you’d be interested in posting on your website, an informative guide on new and innovative ways employers are offering up benefits to their team members (coaching programs, wellness programs, counseling sessions, nutrition videos, etc.).

    The guide is totally free and will feature your website (if you’d like me to link to a specific page from your site, please let me know).

    What are your thoughts on this?

    All the best,
    Julie Morris

    P.S. Interested in an article, just not on the topic I suggested? No problem! Just respond to let me know and we can come up with something else. Or, if you’re not interested in an article at all, just let me know.

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