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BSc (UWO), HBSc (UWO),
PhD (Laval)

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Education
University of Ottawa

Science Education and
Science Communication
(Ecology, Evolution and
Environmental Science)

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Professeur adjoint

Département de biologie
Faculté des sciences
Faculté de l’Éducation
Université d’Ottawa

Pédagogie scientifique et communication scientifique
(Écologie, Évolution et Sciences


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Science Communication blog on uOttawa Gazette

sci comm imageOver the past few centuries, universities have slowly shifted from offering degrees in a diversity of subjects and widely general studies to producing specialists today that are often incapable of relating the content or importance of their work to anyone outside of their immediate field. While modern academic institutions were flourishing in a time called the Enlightenment, a graduate student in a university’s Ph.D. program would surely be living up to that title (Philosophiae doctor translates literally as ‘Scholar of Wisdom’) by undertaking studies in such widely disparate fields such as Law, Astronomy, Theology, Philosophy, Music and Mathematics.

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